How to Clean Kayak Wax?

Cleaning your Hull with Kayak wax

Like hoverboards, kayaks are also used widely for the purpose of travel. But, kayaks can be used in waters while hoverboards are mostly used on the roads.

Kayak needs care and protection, and there is nothing more critical to a paddler than the condition of his kayak. This is done to ensure the life and durability of the kayak. If you want to keep your kayak new and fresh, then you need to read this article.

In this article, we will be talking about how to increase the life span of the kayak. You can make your kayak stay fresh for a more extended period if you clean your hull with a kayak wax. This is the most commonly used product to clean the hull of the kayak. Please note that this way can be used to clean SUN DOLPHIN BALI 10SS KAYAK as well.

Kayak wax also makes sure that the hull or the fiberglass of the kayak is preserved. This guide is perfect for kayak lovers and fans alike.

How to clean your kayak

Some rules must be followed to wax and clean it to perfection. The things you will need to perform the cleaning of the kayak hull are given below.

  • UV Protectant
  • Boat wash
  • Bucket
  • Water
  • Sponge
  • Microfiber cloth

Step 1 for rinsing your kayak

This is an essential step that involves cleaning your kayak thoroughly. You need water to rinse off any dirt that is attached to your kayak.

Step 2 going for the bucket.

The bucket is used to hold clean water in it; after you fill up your bucket, you can add soap to make the buck water soapy. It is preferred that you use a boat wash. If you are going to use boat wash, then we recommend that you read the instructions written behind the bottle.

Step 3 washing the kayak

Now it is the perfect time to wash your kayak with soap or boat wash, whichever you prefer. Using a sponge at this point is the best option; in our opinion, keep in mind that the kayak can get dirty from both sides, so you need to wash the kayak from both sides as well.

Strong stains require some extra effort to clean, but they go away eventually.

Step 4 Rinsing with fresh water

When your kayak is all soaped up, you need to give your kayak a proper water bath. You need to make sure that the kayak is totally clean and there is no soap left behind it.

Step 5 drying the kayak

After giving your kayak a proper bath, you need to let the water dry off. You can let it dry or use a towel to give your kayak a helping hand in the drying process. Please keep in mind that if your kayak is made from plastic, you should skip this part entirely and skip ahead.

Step 6 Appling the wax

When the kayak is all dried up, you can start applying the wax by using a microfiber cloth. If you own a wax spray, you need to gently spray the hull and rub it with the microfiber cloth. A thin damp cloth will work wonders.

Step 7 drying the wax

You now have to leave the wax to dry off completely.

Step 8 polishing the hull

Check that the wax is completely dry; when you are sure that the wax is dry, you can start the polishing process and start polishing till you see the hull’s brighter surface.

Step 9 UV protection spray

Now when everything is said and done, you can apply the UV protection spray to the freshly polished area. This provides you with an extra layer of protection and lets your kayak be functional for an extended period.

So, in this guide, we have tried to explain all about cleaning the kayak wax. I you want to read more about kayak, just visit

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