Custom Packaging Companies in the USA

Top Custom Packaging Companies in the USA in 2021


Custom packaging and printing is a giant industry in the USA that is growing with the passage of time as the businesses are growing. Their main duty is to fulfill the packaging needs of people by using eco-friendly materials. So, today we will have some discussion about the top-notch packaging companies in the USA that have hundreds of happy clients. We will cover the companies all over the USA as we are covering the complete region.

By custom packaging company, we mean a firm that is able to fulfill all of your packaging and printing needs that might need custom boxes, shipping cartons, printed stickers, and other related stuff. I think we have covered the introduction. So, let’s move onto the next part of our topic.

Top-Rated Custom Packaging Companies as Per Our Survey:

  • Uline


Uline is a big packaging company that was founded in 1980 and currently has more than 6.700 employees. They are located in Wisconsin and have a huge fan following. Their specialties lie in the manufacturing of large shipping cartons, poly bags, retail packaging, and safety products as well. So, they cover a wide range of products in terms of packaging and printing. Uline is trusted by the people of the USA for every kind of packaging needs. This company is also growing with the passage of time.

  • Pack Lane

Website: is also a prestigious packaging and printing company located in the USA. They provide you a lot of options for customization in terms of packaging. They are famous especially for their mailer boxes that are mostly used for direct shipping purposes. also has some good printing technologies that’s why it also has a huge fan following. In short, they are reputed, packaging suppliers.

  • Paper Mart


Like Uline, the Paper mart is also a huge packaging and printing company that is offering a variety of products in terms of custom packaging. This company is located in California and accepts the order in bulk quantity. Paper mart has a very good repute in California, especially large businesses always try to contact them for versatile packaging needs. Without any doubt, it’s the number 1 packaging company in California.

  • Duke Packaging


Duke Packaging is a famous packaging brand that is loved by the people of the USA. Their main office is located in Florida and they are working with most reputed companies in the USA. Their specialty lies in the packaging of cosmetic items, retail packaging such as candle boxes, and much more.  They are working hard for small businesses as well. That’s why they are starting from low order quantities and you can also print millions of quantities with them. From screen to offset printing, they can provide you every option.


  • The Custom Boxes


With more than 10 years in business, is a reputed company in Illinois. This firm has recently participated in many packaging exhibitions as well. They have thousands of happy customers which are growing with the passage of time. So, for you, TCB is a good packaging option near areas including Illinois. TCB is also offering a variety of packaging boxes with a wide range of customization options.


  • Quick Boxes Packaging LLC


This company named Quick Boxes Packaging LLC has recent gained a lot of popularity in Texas and all over the USA. It is located in Sugar Land and providing custom packaging and printing solutions to all over the USA. Their specialties lie in manufacturing custom retail boxes like cigarettes, soap, rigid boxes, and much more. They have recently launched some special kind of packaging products for Hemp and CBD Oil. They are also working hard to offer low order quantities for the people but have the ability to supply higher order quantities. If you are near Sugar Land, Texas, and are looking for a local custom packaging company, then I will highly recommend you to contact Quick Boxes Packaging LLC.



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