All About Flat Irons for Silk Press

Mastering the silk press

Hair straightening has become common nowadays. People keep flat irons at home so that they can style their hair whenever their heart desires. But when it comes to silk pressing your hair using the flat iron it is not something you can do as easily as straightening your hair in a normal routine. Silk press requires technique and experience for perfect results. Moreover, negligence toward using proper technique might result in hair damage which is something you don’t want.

It is so fascinating to see the transition of curls into silky and straight hair. If you want to learn the method of achieving eye-catching results with silk press, stay with us till the end.

What is a silk press?

Before we start discussing the steps for a professional silk press, let us explain what actually silk press is.

A silk press is a blowout technique (shampooing, blow-drying, and straightening) for natural hair type where it boosts the shine and provides extra silky texture than a normal straightening. As the name shows that silk press would give a silk-like texture to your hair which is absolutely mesmerizing scene for the eyes.

But it is recommended not to use an ordinary flat iron for silk press rather use the best flat iron for silk press as ordinary flat iron will surely not provide professional salon-grade results and might end up burning your hair.

How to silk press properly?

Moisturizing the hair:

Hair straightening works on the principle of bond breakage through the heat which also dehydrates the hair. So, first of all, you need to make sure that your hair is properly moisturized otherwise you won’t get silky texture rather your hair will look dull and dry.

To moisturize your hair properly you need to wash your hair with a mild shampoo and after that apply conditioner. Pat your hair with a towel and don’t rub as it might increase the frizz.

Minimizing heat damage:

Using flat iron will eventually cause heat damage especially when used by an inexperienced person. If your hair is not prepared to stand the heat you might end up burning them. So it very beneficial to use heat protection serum prior to straightening.

Straighten hair in sections:

Before straightening your hair, use clips to divide them into small sections. Working in small sections is beneficial as it will not only make your manageable but also ensure that each section of your hair is straightened evenly. Not dividing the hair into small sections and trying to cater all the hair at an instant creates a non-uniform hairstyle that doesn’t look professional at all.

Start in the back:

It is a good practice to start in the back and then make your way toward the front. Start from the roots of the hair glide the flat iron toward the ends slowly and steadily.

Ionic technology:

Flat irons nowadays are really intelligent as long as you invest a good amount in them. Most of the flat irons from good brands feature ionic technology which provides negative ions to your hair cuticles while you style your hair. These negative ions maintain the moisture in your hair which is directly responsible for the extra shine that is key to the silk press.

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