What is Good Parenting?

The definition of good parenting

To define good parenting, we have to look at the aspects which make parenting good parenting. If a parent has a good deal of consistency and routine, we can say that this trait is of a good parent.

This trait in a parent allows them to take control over the children. Developing a sense of independence in children is very important, and this is probably the main aim for a parent. Coming back to good parenting, socializing kids is also heavily focused on.

For young people and kids, they must get social scripts from their parents. This enables them to glide through the social horizons with ease. This also helps them to negotiate the two worlds they encounter in their lifetime. That world is a social and online world.

Good parents make sure that their kids develop growth in their mindset rather than making sure their children’s intelligence is fixed to a certain level. Good parents focus on developing minds that can be linked to kid’s success.

Good parenting also focuses on encouraging their kids instead of praising them. The same is the case with consequences over punishment. Having such things is very important in this time and age.

Helping at home

A good parent will always insist that their kids help them do household chores without getting paid. This makes the kid learn how to give, not to take. We have looked at all parenting styles, and the best style that we have found for a parent to adapt is the authoritative style.

If you want to become a good parent, you need to balance firmness and nurturance. The outcome of doing this and being this will result in good academic results. It has been observed that kids who were brought up by the authoritative style enjoy good mental health.

Families that prefer democracies over dictatorship works very well together. In our opinion, we feel like someone needs to be in charge of the family. This ensures that the family functions well.

Parenting with an authoritative style

To become good parenting than adapting an authoritative style of parenting is always recommended. In this style of parenting, there is an authority figure or head of a family that usually takes all the decisions for the family’s well being.

This person is usually the one who holds the family firmly in place. Whenever some in the family call for help, this person is responsible for guiding him. in a nutshell, the difference between good parenting and bad parenting is the contrast in styles.

If an authoritative style is adopted, it will yield much better results as compared to others.

Safety and security of kids

The safety and security of kids should be the top priority of a good parent. Kids need to feel safe when they are around their parents. This is one of the most important things that a successful parent can boost about.

This is the main thing that separates good parenting from bad parenting. Your kids need to feel safe, and you need to make sure that no harm can come to your kids.


In the end, we will like to conclude by saying being a good parent is not something that you have to do because of anyone. With our own will and desire, you can become a good parent—neglecting and running away from responsibilities are not the traits of good parenting.

There is no shame in admitting you need improvement in fields. Trying harder will always yield good results. If you read this article, you will know all the good parent’s and bad parents’ traits mentioned with great details. Also, read some tips to teach a child respect and discipline if you are not experienced.

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