Electric Scooters VS Hoverboards

Electric Scooters VS Hoverboards – Which one is good for you?


When you talk about a commuting device then electric skateboards, hoverboards, and scooters are some of the available devices. In this guide, we are going to have a detailed comparison between electric scooters and hoverboards. Well, both devices have their own pros and cons. So, we cannot say directly which one is best and suitable for you. We will try to share the unbiased pros and cons of both the products. I am sure that after reading those points, you will be able to decide on your own which product is favorable for you. Let’s start with the hoverboards.

What are Hoverboards?

The hoverboard is a two-wheel device that is used to cover shorter distances. It is also used by sportsmen and the people who love technology gadgets. Their price range usually starts from 200 USD to so on. It means that you can buy a normal quality hoverboard in the range of 200 United States Dollars. Nowadays, one wheel hoverboards have also gained a lot of popularity especially since sportsmen like to use them. Although they are a bit difficult to ride, still they are pretty much popular among the people of the United States. I will encourage you to read a guide about the best one wheel hoverboards by ridetowheels.com to know a complete overview of them. Anyway, our next section is about the pros and cons of hoverboards. So, let’s jump into that part. They are basically operated by the electric battery with the help of sensors and small boards.


  • They are cheaper as compared to the electric skateboards
  • They are portable as compared to their counterparts
  • Available in both one and two wheels that make them an attractive gadget for sportsmen and youngsters.


  • They are difficult to ride for a beginner
  • Cheaper hoverboards usually have less life


What are Electric Scooters?

We will try to begin our discussion with a very basic definition. Electric scooters are basically a commuting device that is basically driven with a small engine and electric battery. They are one of the most eco-friendly devices that are used for the purpose of transportation and hobby at the same time. They are also very popular among girls too. Their strong structure and good grip make it easy to operate. They also have many times like 2 wheel electric scooters, 3 wheel electric scooters, folding electric scooters, kick electric scooters, and much more. Now, we will try to compare their pros and cons with the hoverboards to see their similarity and differences.


  • They usually come with a controllable handle that makes their road grip and safety good as compared to hoverboards.
  • They are very safe to read that’ why even a beginner can ride them
  • They are also recommended for the women


  • Their price range usually starts from 500 USD. So, a common person finds it difficult to afford them.
  • They are not recommended in areas with heavy rainfall and water on the roads.


Final Recommendations:

We have tried to cover some basic elements of electric scooters and hoverboards. Of course, they have some differences and similarities at the same time. Usually, for the unofficial rides (wandering here and there) I like to use hoverboards. While for the official commute (from home to office and vice versa) I like to use electric scooters. That is my basic thinking before choosing any device for myself. Maybe you are having some different preferences. But, I am sure that after reading the above pros and cons of every product. You can surely decide what is your ultimate goal and which product is most suitable for your needs.

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