Famous Cigarette Brands in the USA

Most Famous and Smoke Cigarette Brands in the USA

The numbers of people that use cigarettes in the USA are growing on a daily basis. After checking the stats, many new tobacco manufacturing companies are launching their own cigarette brand. With the giant cigarette brands like Marlboro, and New Port many companies are working hard to grow organically. In this article we will try to cover two basic parts. First one is about the top cigarette brands of the USA. While 2nd one is about the strategy to grow your new cigarette brand in this era of competition. So, let’s start and discuss about the you cigarette selling brand in the USA.

Top Cigarette Brands in the USA:

According to a government website, Marlboro alone has captured above 40 percent of the market share that is a huge achievement in my opinion. The remaining 60 percent shares are held by Newport, Camel and other brands. See the detailed stats here. In short, Marlboro is the king of tobacco sticks in the market of United States. Let us also tell you about some other brands.

  • Marlboro
  • New port
  • Camel
  • Pall Mall Box

The above 4 mentioned brands have covered more than 60% share in the market of the USA. Marlboro alone has captured approximately 40% share. Well, these stats are very competitive.

After reading these stats any intelligent businessman will think at least twice to open his/her new cigarette brand in the market as people are already sticked to the options that they love the most. Even in this scenario it is very hard for you to ask someone to just try your brand. In my opinion, most of people will reject your offer. So, what are they ways?

In the next part, we will let you know some techniques, by which you can attract people towards your brand. At least they will be attracted once.

Role of Cigarette Product Packaging:

So, in this era of competition the only thing that can convince your customer to try your brand can be done with the help of your product packaging. Haven’t understood yet? It means that the packaging box of your product can convince your customer to buy your product. Usually, cigarette boxes are displayed on the main shelves and racks of departmental stores. Here, an attractive custom printed cigarette box can help you a lot in getting your first lead. Of course, the quality of your tobacco stick matters for the long run. But, for the short term and quickly testing packaging is the first impression of the box that counts the most.

For the reason, many companies are using holographic boxes for the cigarettes packaging Holographic boxes are a new trend in the market of the USA that is very attractive and it can covert the customers to at least test your product once. Holographic paper can a rainbow type shade in it. When you some printing on this paper, it turn outs to be an attractive printed box. Please note that this guide is for informational purposes only and we do not sell any kind of cigarette boxes. You can buy cigarette boxes from quickboxespackaging.com.

To conclude, let us finalize the complete summary. If you are a new company that is manufacturing tobacco stock then you should some attention towards your cigarette packaging to get organic customers. Also, use large cigarette cartons or display boxes for the outer packaging of cigarettes.

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