Best Electric Shavers in 2021

Best Electric Shavers for Boys and Men 

It is an undeniable fact that in the present era people don’t really go to the barbershop to get a clean-shave face or trim their beard. With the evolution of technologically advanced electric shavers, people perform their shaving ritual efficiently at home. Without having to worry about slicing their skin open, they get a close shave, easily. 

Two types of electric shavers

There are two types of electric shavers available on the market today. 

  1. Foil shaver
  2. Rotary shaver

Foil shaver

Foil shaver is more popular and features a filled foil of metal that can press safely against the skin. It is more suitable for people with sensitive skin as it has a blade inside it that cuts the hair that pokes through. Not only for sensitive skin, but it is also equally suitable for people having straight hair and for those who aim for a precise shaving experience. 

Rotary shaver

Rotary shavers, on the other hand, feature two or three circular foils with blades running underneath them like small propellers that are noiseless and move swiftly as compared to the blades of the foil shavers. Moreover, they work best with thicker hair that grows in various directions as they cut in a flat plane.

You can also read a detailed guide to foil vs. rotary shavers for more information. Now, without any further delay, we will see the list of top 10 best electric shavers of 2021. 

  • Panasonic ARC 5

Panasonic ARC 5
Blade system

The top product of this list is the only one that features a 5-blade shaving system. Along with it, it has a shaving sensor that is supposed to detect the hair thickness and adjust the power output accordingly. It is undoubtedly and visibly a great feature for people with sensitive skin. 

Moreover, the 5 blades of this shaver give you an opportunity to cut your hair clean, efficiently, and with amazing closeness. 

Flexible shaving

ARC 5 promises a flexible shaving along the individual contours of the face, neck, and jaw with its precision-honed 30-degree inner blades and the multiflex pivoting heads.

Pop-up trimmer

The ARC 5 also features a pop-up trimmer in order to detail sideburns, the mustache, or trim down long stubble before you shave.

Body and appearance

As far as the body and build are concerned, this shaver comes with a fascinating body blended with black and grey. Moreover, it has an LED light on the front to display a number of options, as well as rounded control buttons. 


Last but not the least, the ARC5 is water-resistant and has a wet and dry option that enables you to use it with shaving foam or gel and in the shower. 


One thing that holds it back is that it lacks a charge station and Panasonic automatic clean function. 

Final words

All the shaving experts have regarded the ARC 5 as the best high-end electric shaver 2021 as it is simply packed with above mentioned great features and can be used in a variety of ways for different purposes. Hence, a minor shortcoming does not really hold it back from being one of the best electric shavers that money can buy. 

  • Braun series9 9293S

Braun series9 9293S

5 shaving elements

The second product of this list is an incredible one that features 5 synchronized shaving elements. These are 4 cutting elements and one skin guard, a powerful sonic technology. 

Auto-sensing motor

 It has a smart auto-sensing motor that enables it to shave more hair in a single stroke for more efficient shaving with the best skin comfort. This auto-sense feature releases 10.000 vibrations that allow you to capture hair even on a coarse beard with great ease.

Specialized trimmers

The series 9 9293S comes with two specialized trimmers including a titanium coating for capturing the trickiest and most stubborn hair in one go. Plus, it offers you a great deal of flexibility with 10 flexible shaving heads that easily adapt to your skin. 


The Lithium-ion battery gets charged in an hour and lasts up to 50 minutes of wireless shaving.


It has an aesthetically-pleasing light grey body that is waterproof that allows you to use the shaver on wet skin and along with foam and gel. Moreover, it also comes with an efficient charging station. In short, it gives you a smooth shaving experience. 


The only shortcoming that this amazing shaver holds is that it is a bit pricey. Nevertheless, if you see beyond the price tag, Braun series 9 9293S won’t disappoint you at all. 

Final words

We can efficiently conclude that Braun Series 9 9293S is a premium electric shaver that is almost flawless and performs exceptionally with any kind of use, especially with people who have coarse hair. 

  • Remington F5-5800

Remington F5-5800

Dual foil cutters

Apart from being available at low-price and having a tiny size, the F5-5800 features dual foil cutters and intercepts trimmer that will allow you to capture both long and short hair effectively. 

Amicable blades

The blades it features are quite affable and won’t irritate your skin and avoids any kind of damage to your skin, which is definitely an appreciable feature. 

Furthermore, it is packed with pivot and flex technology which basically gives way to a gentle and comfortable shaving with its steel foils by following the contours and angles of your face. 

Body and build

When it comes to the body and design, Remington F5-5800 rocks a compact black and silver body along with stainless steel blades at the top with a pop-up trimmer that helps in styling your facial hair and LED lights are cherry on the top. 


The strong Lithium-ion battery takes 60 minutes to get fully charged and it lasts for 20 days according to your skills and usage. Moreover, it gives you a quick shave after getting charged for 5 minutes.  It works with both wired and wireless modes.


Despite having great features, this gadget also holds a downside. It does not work in wet conditions and some users reported overheating issues when used for a long period. 

Final words

With low prices and ideal size, Remington F5-5800 represents a perfect choice for people on tight budgets and travelers. All in all, this super-talented shaver offers extreme value for its money. 

  • Braun M90


The Braun M90 is a single foil electric shaver that is packed with 2 double-A batteries to power itself. These batteries are inexpensive and easily available everywhere. 

Body and build

The shaver is manufactured in very small size and is lightweight and you are not required to carry a charging cord with it. It comes in a dark blue body which is quite portable and small in size. It is made of hard and solid plastic without any rubber inserts, so the plastic won’t flex or create any noise. 


It is completely water-resistant, which means it can easily be used in the shower and can efficiently be cleaned with water. 

Additional features

Besides these top-notch features, Braun  M90 also comes with a sophisticated gray-colored protective cap, a pop-up trimmer, and a cleaning brush which is very convenient for a shaver of this size. 


People have encountered some difficulties while using this gadget under wet conditions. 

Final words

If you are in search of a shaver that gets a job done nicely while you are on the road, there is no need to look further. Braun M90 is a small, portable, and very efficient travel partner. 

  • Philips Norelco 9700


First of all, the Norelco 9700 offers you the capacity to add connections, for example, clippers and facial brushes so you can deal with a shaving you require.

Contour detect technology

The Contour-Detect innovation and V-Track precision edges make your everyday preparation schedule a breeze. As they empower you to trim individual facial hair while the three-head shaver tracks near the face, discarding all additional hair.

Also, it trims hair from 2 directions by really managing as opposed to pulling hair which is a difficult cycle. In spite of its viability. The Norelco 9700 is as yet delicate on the skin as it won’t leave you with cuts, scratches, disturbances, or redness all gratitude to its adaptable three-headed design that permits each head to move in 8 unique ways.

Precision trimmer

It additionally includes a SmartClick precision trimmer for a precise and nitty-gritty trim. At last, it has an ergonomic form that gives it a firm and agreeable feel in the hand, the heads are replaceable, and it has a huge computerized show that shows battery life and a few different pointers.


Sadly, the Philips Norelco 9700 isn’t actually what we’d call a financial plan benevolent, yet, for how powerful and adaptable it is, the cost is more than advocated.

Final words

The Philips Norelco 9700 is an across the board very good quality electric shaver, with its rotating tri-cutting blade head and the choice to utilize it in wet and dry conditions and huge loads of other features. It is the best rotational shaver in the present market.

  • Remington XR1400

Body and build

The Remington XR1400 producers chose to go with a minimized pod-like shape with an elastic grasp as opposed to the conventional long handles that we, as a rule, find on most different models, making it both ergonomic and exceptionally simple to hold.

Grooming kit

Moreover, when buying the XR1400 you will get a full grooming unit that incorporates; a turning removable brush for shedding and purifying the skin. Just as a whiskers trimmer with a flexible brush, the latter highlights an aggregate of 10 distinctive length settings.


Moreover, the Lithium-Ion battery on this shaver can be charged in 4 hours and it can convey a strong run-season of 45 minutes. Execution savvy. The Remington XR1400 accompanies three pivoting heads that offer incredible accuracy and can shave practically any hair type.


Adding to this, it is 100% waterproof and can be utilized with gel or froth so it is prepared and accessible for you when you’re showering.


Concerning the downsides, the XR1400 is restricted to just a battery-powered battery choice and it has somewhat of a robust cost, else, it is unequivocally suggested for the individuals who pine for a day by day fragile and close shaving experience.

Final words

The Remington XR1400 electric shaver is exceptional, on account of its adaptable and profoundly ergonomic design this shaver will take your grooming experience to an entire another level.

  • Braun ProSkin 3040 S

Next up, we have another trust-commendable item from Braun; the ProSkin 3040S, this electric shaver dominates at close shaving while at the same time keeping your skin secured and hurt free.

Body and build

The ProSkin 3040S from Braun has an exquisite and 100% waterproof form with 2 foils situated on the best, an extra-huge whiskers trimmer on the back, an elastic speck design on the sides for incredible control and hold over this electric shaver. Adding to this, there is an LED display for battery level.

Micro comb feature

 This electric razor accompanies the famous Micro Comb include that permits the shaver to catch a tremendous piece of hair while being delicate on your skin.

Delicate on skin

Talking about delicate, the coordinated cutting blades can naturally withdraw for better skin security when shaving and downplaying cuts and wounds. Additionally, numerous clients expressed that arriving at hard zones with this shaver was a breeze, and applying gel or froth didn’t influence its presentation.


With regards to the battery, the ProSkin 3040S is assessed to last as long as 45 minutes on a full charge, and the revive time is an hour and 45 minutes which isn’t bad at all, it’s additionally worth to make reference to that this shaver doesn’t cost a fortune.


Presently for the shortcomings, a few clients esteemed the ProSkin 3040S as excessively hefty and have a stout plan. Generally, this shaver cooks toward individuals with touchy skin, so in the event that you end up having one, the ProSkin 3040S is your smartest choice.

Final words

The gadget under discussion is a high-end electric shaver packed with incredible features. Spending money on it won’t disappoint you.


  • Braun Series 7790 CC

Braun Series 7790 CC

There are three features that make Braun Series 7790 CC an incredible gadget.

  • PulSonic technology

 The PulSonic innovation which utilizes 10.000 vibrations every moment to effortlessly trim through thick and coarse hair and increment power when there is resistance.

  • ActiveLift trimmer

Secondly, the ActiveLift trimmer that consistently takes care and trims hair in extreme spots to arrive at like under the jaw, Adam’s apple, and around the neck territory. 

OptiFoil framework

  • The third and last key component is the 2X OptiFoil framework, this will convey a nearby shave each time you follow the shape of your face and flex the foil while you’re shaving.

Water-resistant build

Moreover, the Braun Series 7 790CC has a water-safe form that lets you shave your facial hair in the shower and you can undoubtedly wash it after each shave without the smallest of stress. To close, this shaver has an implicit LCD screen that shows a few statuses including battery life, the last can surrender you to 50 minutes of shaving time and it takes roughly one hour to revive it.


When discussing the disadvantages of this item, a few audits guarantee that Series 7 790CC has shoddy usefulness in wet conditions and it is to some degree overrated. Nonetheless, on the off chance that you need dependable quality, you have to put resources into it and this shaver exemplifies this idea.


Final words

The Series 7 790CC is one more astonishing model from Braun on our rundown. This razor will give you the much wanted clean-shaved look in a quick and effective manner because of the way that it’s pressed with remarkable very good quality highlights and innovation.


  1. Philips S9000 Prestige

Philips S9000 Prestige

Body and build

A couple of shavers can coordinate the brilliance of the S9000 Prestige design, the tempered steel manufacture makes it look strong and substantial with its dark and silver completion however indeed, it is shockingly so light.

Speed and water resistance

This razor enables you to choose between 3 unique speeds as indicated by your hair type, skin affectability, and how you need to shave, and it is IPX7 appraised meaning it is also waterproof, so you can utilize it in shower with your shaving cream and wash it thereafter. 

3 high-end technologies

The S9000 Prestige highlights 3 top of the line innovations

  •  Contour detect that permits the shaving heads to move around the bends of your face.
  •  Beard-adapt innovation that identifies the thickness and density of your whiskers and changes the speed of the turning cutting blades as needed. 
  •  Nano tech blades that help to give you a close shave. Notwithstanding that, you can supplant the shaving heads with an accuracy trimmer on the off chance that you need a brisk whiskers trim. Last up, the S9000 Prestige utilizes remote and fast charging innovation.


The way that this shaver has no cleaning station is a frustration for certain individuals, likewise, the trimmer execution is accounted for to be dreary. Other than that, there’s no rejecting that the S9000 Prestige is an incredible item in the event that you need to accomplish an almost immaculate close shave.

Final words

The Philips S9000 Prestige is effectively extraordinary compared to other rotational electric shavers accessible in the market today, because of its adaptability, lightweight plan, execution, charging capacities, and heaps of different highlights.

  1. Philips Norelco QP2520/90

Last but not least is the Philips Norelco QP2520/90, this electric shaver got extraordinary achievement since it doesn’t cost a lot yet conveys genuine top of the line execution.

Design and build

The Norelco QP2520/90 is a mixture of electric shaver and trimmer, it has a razor on the two sides of the head that builds the viability of the shaver ten times. To the extent the plan goes, it sports a green and dark ergonomic body with a pleasant grasp. the units fabricate is explicitly intended to follow the shape of your face.

Gentle on your skin

In this manner, it gives you a lot of choices when you’re shaving, as it goes to and fro all over the skin flawlessly with no danger of harming it. It trims the hair effectively rather than agonizingly hauling it out, and it guarantees that your hair won’t tangle or stall out when you’re utilizing it.

Battery and water resistance

The cleaning cycle is so natural since it has only one shaving head and the razor can be completely lowered in water for an exhaustive cleaning, so its waterproof abilities are off the outline. All in all, the battery life is assessed to last around 45 minutes with 8 hours of energized time.


The Norelco QP2025/90 misses the mark regarding solidness as the shaving heads don’t last over 3 months. With that aside, any buck went through on this shaver is cash all around spent.

Final words

Besides this negligible flaw, overall this is a worth trying shaving gadget that will alleviate your shaving experience. 

How to pick up the right electric shaver for you?

Each man has an alternate facial hairdo just as an alternate skin and spending plan, so most would agree that everyone focuses on a specific apparatus to assist them with accomplishing their optimal shave or trim, and for that, you need to pick the shaver that satisfies your needs and convey you the ideal outcomes. In any case, how precisely do you approach picking the correct electric shaver?

Hair type: Whether you have long, short, slender, thick, muddled hair and so on, you should go for a shaver that suits your hair type.

Style: For this situation, an exactness trimmer is compulsory particularly for the individuals who like to shake whiskers or a mustache.

Skin type: If your skin is touchy it is profoundly encouraged to purchase a delicate shaver with wellbeing measures.

Battery:  A good battery life and advantageous charging are consistently decent things to have particularly on the off chance that you don’t have the opportunity to charge your shaver or when you’re out and about.

Manufacture quality and sturdiness: No issue how great the electric shaver is, it’s pointless in the event that it can’t last you hardly any long stretches of steady shaving.

Pricing:  Like each other item, in case you’re lacking in real money, there are consistently spending plan neighborly choices that give you the best an incentive for the cash.

We have explained everything about the electric shavers that you need to know before buying them.  If you want to read more guides about individual topics then visit 

Note: Please follow these guides lines due to COVID-19 before visiting any barber shops or hair salons.

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